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Buy & sell shares of your favorite teams with crypto

With frontrunner, any payout can be a home run

Frontrunner is the first zero gas fee, decentralized sports prediction market built on blockchain where you get the best odds with no house edge. No limits, no restrictions, just your bets and your profits.

Easy to navigate and exciting to use, with none of the limits from traditional prediction apps. What more do you need?

// Eric Chen //

CEO of Injective Labs

Betting odds are presented more like stock prices. Users can buy shares of teams and players across markets like NFL, NBA and Premier League, using crypto, through a simplified trading interface.

// Mike Butcher //


Frontrunner puts control back in your hands


Set your own odds

No Limits

Buy & Sell Anytime

Withdraw Anytime

Track Performance & History

Simplified Odds

Sports Betting Stocks

Built on Injective

Injective is the first blockchain designed to natively support decentralized financial markets and order books. Because Injective was created with a specific purpose in mind, Frontrunner can take advantage of speeds and a level of efficiency unachievable today by general-purpose blockchains like Ethereum and Solana, all with zero gas fees.


Lightning fast trades


Zero gas fees


Highly secure


Fully Decentralized

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